Mission & Vision


Anticipating a potent activity area, converting it into a field of opportunity, approaching it with right solutions and achieving complete success in the societal and corporate goals of reaching every village of India and various corners of the world.

BML Parenteral Drugs, a dedication to better healthcare to the suffering humanity. We are equally committed in providing millions of suffering patients with quality drugs to combat disease and to make medicines affordable.


"To become world class leaders in the manufacturing of parenterals and other pharmaceutical products by ensuring that quality products are produced and made accessible to each needy."

To meet these commitments, we as a team stand together and constitute the basis of our identity in the global pharmaceutical industry. Day after day we as a team are working for what really matters through our actions, initiatives and involvement in healthcare.

We at BML Parenteral Drugs are poised to perform and move faster in the field of health. This is our mantra in BML Parenteral Drugs and we as a team work together in achieving this milestone. This means that we are committed to give high quality, cost effective medicines to the patients.


Leading change. Integrity. Respect for the individual. Excellence. Learning and Sharing.